is changing the way the world connects and engages with non-profit organizations

We are the most rewarding fundraising platform for individuals, donors, non-profits, and corporate partners. Organizations that provide a compelling customer experience, reap the benefits.


Every person that makes a donation is important. Ultimately, when the non-profit that donors give to, makes them feel special as a donor, and informs them as to how the money they give is actually making a real difference, they don’t need to be asked to give. They will give because they feel the value of their charitable investment.



Raise awareness of your brand, create engagement, acquire new donors, and encourage repeat donors.


Corporate Partners

Give your customers and website visitors the opportunity to support their most passionate causes. It’s good for non-profits and good for your business.

Why is the way to fundraise

Every Dollar Counts

People love that they can make a big impact with a small contribution. They believe in your cause and want to support you but need a little more motivation to do so. helps you engage and get access to a whole new group of potential donors.

Every Donor Counts

It’s important to make donors feel special. Donors want to feel your mission, enjoy the donor experience, be appreciated, and understand their impact. provides you the platform to acquire new donors, encourage repeat donors, and inspire existing donors to give more.

Every Person Counts

We’re able to open the door for non-profits to access a whole new group of potential donors and re-engage existing donors with our cutting-edge technology platform and engagement solutions. It’s a win for everyone.